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Functional Safety for the Mining and Machinery-based Industries, 2nd Edition

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This book draws the relevant parts of the functional safety and machinery safety standards together to provide a straight-forward, stand-alone guideline for the application of functional safety in the mining and machinery-based industries.

(A4, 232 pages, paperback)



Think Control, Not Risk!

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This book explains how those running small, medium and large organisations, managers and professionals and those with specific duties or responsibilities related to ensuring safety may successfully apply the principle of “so far as is reasonably practicable”  as embodied in the Model WH&S Act and Regulations.

(A5, 120 pages, paperback)



Toby’s Gun

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Born in 1818, ‘Toby’ Ryan was a grandchild of first fleet convicts. He rose to become a member of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly before federation. Prior to his death in 1895, he wrote his memoirs which he titled ‘Reminiscences of Australia’. This book reprises the original edition of Reminiscences of Australia, published in 1894, using modernised text and conventions. Footnotes and graphical material have been inserted where necessary to explain and add further detail and context to the text.

(A5, 120 pages, paperback)