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Risk and Reliability

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The following are useful links to risk, safety and reliability websites.

TV Rheinland Certipedia

This is the internet certificate database of TV Rheinland. It contains details of all product, system and personal certifications approved by TV Rheinland

Risk Engineering Society

A technical society of the Institution of Engineers, Australia. Just one page and few details however, it could in future provide a focal point for risk engineers.

United Kingdom Health and Safety Executive - Research Reports

A repository of reports made available by the Health and Safety Executive following work which has been supported by funds provided by the Executive. On-line reliability engineering resources

A 6000-page website entirely devoted to reliability engineering

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NSW Department of Trade and Investment Mining Safety

A wide range of technical resources, guidelines and other information related to mining safety in New South Wales, Australia.

Exida Safety Automation Element List (SAEL)

This is the internet certificate database of Exida. It contains details of all product and system certifications approved by Exida