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Risk and Reliability

> Facilitation of QRA activities.

> Use of FaultTree+ software, with advanced capabilities in:

> Numerical estimation of event likelihood or frequency via Fault Tree Analysis (FTA).

> Numerical estimation of event outcomes and consequence likelihoods via Event Tree Analysis (ETA).

> Integration of FTA and ETA — linking hazard causes, sequences, consequences and risk controls.

> Sensitivity Analysis of results.

> Relative Importance Analysis of all factors — Fussell Vesely, Birnbaum, Barlow-Prochan, Sequential.

> System F-N Curves.

> Applications:

> Probabilistic Safety Analysis (PSA)

> Major Hazard Events and Accidents (eg. explosions, train derailments).

> Unwanted System Events (eg. power / communications. failure),

> SIL Assignment (per AS / IEC 61511 Part 3 Annex B),

> Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA),

> Demonstration of Safety System Reliability (ie. PFD / PFH calculations),

> Design options — safety and reliability “what-if” comparisons,

> Safety case.

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