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Risk and Reliability

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Planning and implementing a broad range of functional / system safety engineering and management services across the safety lifecycle, according to the AS/IEC61508, AS/IEC61511, AS/IEC62061 , ISO13849, EN50126 and other standards.



Functional Safety / Machinery Safety / System Safety

Planning and facilitation of cyber-security risk assessment of Industrial Automation, Control and SCADA (IACS), including safety-related systems. IEC62443 Security Level (SL) assignment and verification.


Reliability, Availability, Maintainability (RAM) / Dependability

Planning and implementing system safety / functional safety and RAM / dependability activities across the asset and safety lifecycles. Experience in surface mine, underground block-cave mine and warehouse autonomy.


Planning and facilitation of a wide range of risk assessment methodologies, including: HAZOP / CHAZOP, FMEA / FMECA, PHA, SWIFT, WRAC / JSA / SWMS, CHAIR, Bowties, Fault Trees, Event Trees, Cause-Consequence Analysis, LOPA.

Risk Assessment

RAM and System Safety Plans, Functional Safety Plans. Compliance audits, verifications and independent assessments (eg. AS4024.1, AS/IEC61508, AS/IEC61511, AS/IEC62061, ISO13849, EN50126 and others). Preparation of safety files / dossiers and safety / dependability cases.

Independent Assessment, Audit, Verification, Plans, Dossiers, Safety & Dependability Cases


Planning and conduct of a wide range of RAM / dependability assessment methodologies, including: Component, equipment and system-level FMEA / FMECA / FMEDA. Reliability predictions. System reliability and availability modeling (eg. RBD, FTA, Monte-Carlo). Probabilistic spares optimisation. Maintenance strategy (eg. RCM, PMO). Failure data analysis (eg. Chi-Square, Weibull, Duane).

FAST Functions Allocations Systems Traceability®

WH&S and civil litigation matters. Confidential investigations.

Expert Witness / Expert Reports

A risk-based, 4-step method for rapidly assessing safety-related systems installed on legacy plant. The FAST process was developed by Marcus Punch Pty. Ltd. FAST Functions Allocations Systems Traceability® is a registered trademark of Marcus Punch Pty. Ltd.








REBOK Risk Engineering Body of Knowledge®

We provide in-house or public training to individuals and groups in various aspects of risk, reliability and safety engineering. We are able to structure these or other training workshops to your specific needs. Click the Training tab for further details. REBOK Risk Engineering Body of Knowledge® is a registered trademark of Marcus Punch Pty. Ltd.