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Risk and Reliability

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Planning and implementing a broad range of functional / system safety engineering and management services for across the safety lifecycle, according to the AS/IEC61508, AS/IEC61511, AS/IEC62061 , ISO13849, EN50126 and other standards.



Functional Safety / Machinery Safety / System Safety

Planning and facilitation of cyber-security risk assessment of Industrial Automation, Control and SCADA (IACS), including safety-related systems. IEC62443 Security Level (SL) assignment and verification.


Reliability, Availability, Maintainability (RAM) / Dependability

Planning and implementing system safety / functional safety and RAM / dependability activities across the asset and safety lifecycles. Experience in surface mine, underground block-cave mine and warehouse autonomy.


Planning and facilitation of a wide range of risk assessment methodologies, including: HAZOP / CHAZOP, FMEA / FMECA, PHA, SWIFT, WRAC / JSA / SWMS, CHAIR, Bowties, Fault Trees, Event Trees, Cause-Consequence Analysis, LOPA.

Risk Assessment

RAM and System Safety Plans, Functional Safety Plans. Compliance audits, verifications and independent assessments (eg. AS4024.1, AS/IEC61508, AS/IEC61511, AS/IEC62061, ISO13849, EN50126 and others). Preparation of safety files / dossiers and safety / dependability cases.

Independent Assessment, Audit, Verification, Plans, Dossiers, Safety & Dependability Cases


Planning and conduct of a wide range of RAM / dependability assessment methodologies, including: Component, equipment and system-level FMEA / FMECA / FMEDA. Reliability predictions. System reliability and availability modeling (eg. RBD, FTA, Monte-Carlo). Probabilistic spares optimisation. Maintenance strategy (eg. RCM, PMO). Failure data analysis (eg. Chi-Square, Weibull, Duane).

FAST Functions Allocations Systems Traceability®

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WH&S and civil litigation matters. Confidential investigations.

Expert Witness / Expert Reports

A risk-based, 4-step method for rapidly assessing safety-related systems installed on legacy plant. The FAST process was developed by Marcus Punch Pty. Ltd.